Baricska Csárda

Baricska dűlő , Balatonfüred,
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Baricska csárda and inn can be found in a unique environment, among ancient vines, in the heart of Balatonfüred – ca. 600 metres from the harbour and Promenade – next to a vineyard that is also being currently cultivated. There is a fantastic view of Lake Balaton from the terrace covered by wild grapes.

Since its reopening in the early summer of 2013 the inn – whose history dates back to 1811 – has not only offered the excellent fish dishes and the traditional meals of the people but it still remains true to the traditions.

The operators of the reopened Baricska Csárda – who have already proven themselves with the great Restaurant Chianti in Veszprém – set themselves the objective to make this catering unit a sanctuary of gastronomy, wine culture and culture that advertises the

traditions and fame of the neighbouring winemakers and of Hungarian cuisine.

The restaurant is located in the central area of Balatonfüred, north of main road number 71 (and can be approached via the service road at the entrance to SHELL petrol station). There is a wonderful panorama to ancient vines, Lake Balaton and the Peninsula of Tihany.

At the end of 2013 our inn became a full member of the group called Stylish Intellectual Gastronomy in the Countryside that unites the most excellent restaurants in the country and in March 2014 it was a founding member of Balaton Circle (Balaton Kör) dreamed into life by the 20 most prestigious wine-makers and restaurants by Lake Balaton.

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Baricska dűlő , Balatonfüred,

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