Római út 88., Badacsonytomaj,
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In 1988 the Nagy family laid the foundation stone of the wine restaurant on the ancient estate of the family.This property was brought by István Fata, our great-grandfather when he moved to Badacsonytomaj.As a descendant of an Italian family, he cherished the love and respect of land, vine and wine in his mind and body.

RestaurantIt happened in Badacsony, more precisely in Tomaj, sometime at the end of the 1900s that three good friends called Atika, Péter and Pista got a task to do.

CellarAt the moment we husband about 9,5 hectares and we produce altogether 14.500 bottles of wine annually. The advantage of the relativelly small quantity is that we know each and every vine and we can aim for better quality.

PensionBorbarátok (Friends of Wine) Pension is situated for some minutes from Lake Balaton, at the foot of Badacsony Hill, in the resort area of Badacsonytomaj. We offer 6 double rooms (out of 4 with extra bed). We have got own parking lot and a playground too.

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Római út 88., Badacsonytomaj,

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