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The love of tradition involves the love of future – Lalla Romano. This motto from the famous Italian writer is very close to the philosophy of Kistücsök.Almost two decades has elapsed since I took over the restaurant in the middle of my twenties and I had ideas, plans and dreams. Initially I may not even specify the goals and the ways to achieve them more accurately but since then I have built them knowingly and consequently; additionally, that time the gastronomic culture and medium was also quite different. And then something was started. Thanks to one of my travelled guests with whom I have had a close friendship since that time, I became more and more interested in the world of restaurants in foreign countries.We had a lot of conversations and started to take culinary “study trips”. The world opened, and thanks to the experiences and international examples, step by step I got a more and more precise vision on what kind of restaurant I want to create. It is beyond doubt that László Jahni senior chef and the whole team of the restaurant had a significant role in implementation, and without them we would not be at the stage where we are now.I think that the honorific title that Kistücsök is among the ten best restaurants of the country with the award of “Restaurant Owner of the year in 2010” confirms that we are in the good way. Through our foods and wines we would like to introduce our region, our Balaton. The respect the local traditions and raw materials is essential for us as we are originated from these roots but we also keep our eyes on renewal and innovation. I believe it is important to understand and speak about these principles, and therefore we participate in the life of domestic gastronomical community.

We motivate others to use the raw materials of our region, and maintain close and trustful relationships with the producers, fishermen and winemakers of the region. Our mission is to connect them with each other thereby promoting the wine and food culture to its deserved place in this area.

Travelling remained to be an important part of my life. In winter, when the restaurant is calmer, or any time when I need some relaxation me, my wife and my son Bence travel to enjoy the art of Mediterranean catering, sometimes even for only one day.

We most often visit North Italy which is only few hours distance from us. I open the album „On the road of tastes – A gastronomic journey in the Italian Friuli” by Walter Filiputti and choose the next target. We travel to that specific village, sit down on the main square, taste their wines, hams, cheeses and have a good conversation with the restaurant owners. I am compelled by the joy of life and friendliness of these people and last but not least the natural atmosphere of the restaurants. My dream is to bring this feeling of life and gastronomic culture I experienced there into our restaurant. I would like our guests to come home to our restaurant.

I had a lot of plans for the next years. I trust that I will be able to achieve them step by step – together with my team. For the meantime I look forward to meet you here in Kistücsök!

Balázs CsapodyOwner of Restaurant

Wine cellarWe welcome our dear guests in the wine cellar of the Kistücsök Restaurant. If you would like to know more about the Hungarian wines visit us on a wine-tour. You can choose from more than 200 kind of wine and 5 different wine-taster programm where you can meet the biggest wine-countries of the Hungarian wines, its wine-culture, wine cellars and the woderful harmony of the foods and wine. The samples are not definded by number, so anyone, anytime have a possibility to enterfain useful.borok

Wine-sample programms:Summer wines: light, fresh white-wines, sweetly fragrant rose and Mediterranean red-wines, which can be take in the summer heat the most pleasantly. Hungarian species of grapes: These are unigue in the world, the grape-species of wines can be found only in Hungary Wines of South-Balaton: The nearest our heart: Wines of the Balatonboglár wine-district. Wines of our famous wine-districts: Wine of the 7 grape-species of the 6 most famous wine-country (Eger, Badacsony, Somló, Szekszárd, Villány-Siklós and Tokaj wine-growing district) Our favourites: The favourite wines of our manager, main-cooker and our specialist only for gourments.

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