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Petőfi Sándor utca 64. , Balatonfüred ,
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The Bergmann Confectioneries were named after the Bergmann family, in which the confectionery-vocation has been a tradition through generations. The First Bergmann Confectionery was established by our father, grandfather and great grandfather-Imre Bergmann in 1939. We consider his professional calling an example to follow.Since 1992 and 1999, our confectioneries have been attracting pastry lovers from all over the world. Due to our family principles, we have a high rate of regular costumers. Our family principles dictate using only first rate ingredients.Our confectioneries showcase many delicacies, including; self-made pastries, cakes, icecreams, icecream sundaes, breads, and speciality coffees.The traditional and habitual flavours can be tasted especially among our home-made pastries. Also, among our traditional goods, you can taste modern, present day delicacies, as well as our recommended specialities. Our most popular specialities: Mille-feuille [„Francia krémes”]: crisp, buttery layers of puff pastry with cooked vanille cream, stuffed with whipped cream, and caramel fondant on top. Captain Morgan cake: pieces of sponge cake with rum and chocolate dressing, stuffed with vanilla cream. It was named after the famous jamaican pirate This cake was created at our confectioneries, made with the original recipe of Ernő Bergmann. Gellért Roulade: light sponge roll with thick, cooked parisian chocolate cream, rum, cherry, and pieces of brittle. All of our icecreams are made of natural ingredients with traditional gourmet methods, providing exceptional bases for our magnificient icecream sundae selection.Our costumers who have less of a sweet-tooth are very pleased with our „pogácsa”, a traditional Hungarian savoury scones and breads.Coffee Specialities: Our coffees are made of a mixture of our own special roasted coffee beans. Besides the regular drinks, we offer home-made hot chocolate, wide range of teas, and shakes for our costumers to spend their pastime.We tend to extend our offers with seasonal products such as traditional pastries, cakes, and special sweets, self-made chocolate figures, and seasonal fruits that belong to holiday feasts (Christmas, Easter).Our confectioneries can be found on Petőfi Sándor street, Balatonfüred, along the 71 highway. One of them can be found on 64 Petőfi Sándor, Balatonfüred. This confectionary belongs to a spacious, sunny terrace (weather pending), and is characterised as cosy, with a comfortable layout and a familiar inside.Other shop of ours can be found on Zsigmond street 1 in the Arany Csillag House. The layout and the terrace of this Shop is adapted to the lasting elegancy and style of the original building that was constructed here in the last century. The pastry shop is also a cafe and a teahouse with a spectaculer offering of teas!

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Petőfi Sándor utca 64. , Balatonfüred ,

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