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BalatonWine is made from Olaszrizling (Welschriesling), easy to drink but at the same time rich, especially for gastronomy and regional sales. BalatonWine is the first regional wine-growing brand in Hungary, so we are entitled to say "Wine of Balaton". BalatonWine is a joint product of the Balaton Circle and the Riesling Generation, but anyone can produce it who can reach the following criteria. In addition to the objective parameters, the quality of the product is guaranteed by a jury called by the Balaton Circle and the Riesling Generation. BalatonWine can only be made from wines which pass the judgement, all applicants consider the result as binding.

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With the creating of the BalatonWine regional product, our common goal is to stabilize the market position of the vine-growers in the Balaton region and to strengthen their bargaining power. Buying up their good quality grapes at a favorable price, thereby creating a fair-trade product for all market participants. In the long term to promote a regional integration system from the basics, to renew the Balaton vineyards ultimately, to build stabile domestic and foreign markets for wines, and to increase the growing areas around the lake.

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Harmath Csaba

gastronomic consultant
When I think of BalatonWine, it's completely different for me, such a wine where I know, that everything is in it, but it can be consumed anytime.

Sárközi Ákos

chef of the Borkonyha
In my opinion, the Balaton region is decisiving for wines, not only because of the quality wine consumption but for the exemplary cooperation either. Nowadays it is possible to achive success in quality wine consumption only with such cooperation.

Szik Mátyás

eternal Hungarian sommelier champion
I like it very much that the wine producing is typical for each winery, although in the same style, giving a new impulse to the Olaszrizling (Welschriesling), which is most present in the whole area. There are so many terroirs and producers, but I feel that if I take a BalatonWine from the shelf, I will not be disappointed.

Csapody Balázs

Restaurant Kistücsök
The movement that connects the Balaton wineries with unified design and variety suggests cooperation that puts the region into a very positive light. It is exemplary, worth to notice and even follow.

Media release

BalatonWine is more than a (more precisely 24 this year) wine. It is a symbol of a region, its community brand and its flagship, which conveys important values for the residents of Balaton.
BalatonWine is the first community product in Hungary today, where the style of wine is a criteria either and expresses community thinking and cooperation.
It came last year into the market, in most places was sold out to the last bottle before the end of summer. Althought it was not possible to buy it at the shops, only at the cellars and some bistros on the beach. BalatonWine switches to 2nd gear.
BalatonWine is much more than 24 wines. It is a symbol of the region, its community brand and its flagship, which mediates important values for the residents of Balaton. The wine producers gave to taste not only from the 24 new wines, but also from the at home unusually new region marketing and the region's establishing identity and culture.

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